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Our museum is a private subject, and thus we have to rely on ourselves. That's why collaboration with not just different companies and institutions, but also with individualsis so important for our museum. Our museum wouldn't be able to exist without the favor of various collectors and enthusiasts who provide us with a range of exhibits ranging from various things to unique cars.

Transparent account

If you want to contribute to our museum financially, you can do this through our transparent bank account within KB bank:

115-4077710287 / 0100

We are very thankful for your support!

We are cooperating with ...

Since we would not be able to build up and maintain our company without the help of a different of companies, the least thing we can do for them is to mention them here - thank you  for your favor!

Do you want to help us?

However, its not companies who help us. Very valuable help is for us gifts or borrowed exhibits from collectors and other people without whom our museum could not exist. Do you want to contribute in some way to develop activities of our museum? Do you have anything interesting or any potential exhibit you believe that should be in our museum? Do not hesitate and write to us!